Chapter 6

More than 20,000 MANN+HUMMEL employees around the world share a passion for filtration. Many of them are also united by a love of sport. Seven employees give us an insight into their sporting lives and report on why teamwork is just as essential there as anywhere else.

Teamwork – it’s hard not to associate it with sport. Soccer, handball, hockey – the list of popular team sports is almost never-ending. And sport is also an integral part of life at MANN+HUMMEL. Regular basketball tournaments inspire colleagues from Spain, France or China. In the U.S., a team from MANN+HUMMEL has even played in the adult league of a local soccer club. And there was recently a special event in the United Arab Emirates: the indoor cricket MANN-FILTER premier league, at which employees of customers, suppliers and MANN+HUMMEL competed with and against each other in mixed teams. The focus is on fun, but success also counts. And teamwork, of course, is essential.

THE sport at MANN+HUMMEL is running. All around the world, many employees take part in a wide range of running events – for example the World 10K Bengaluru in India, the Zaragoza Marathon in Spain or the Motorman Run Heilbronn in Germany. But running? It’s not a typical team sport! As Harry Wang, Industrial Solutions Sales Manager at MANN+HUMMEL, shows, that’s a fallacy, as runners achieve more when they support each other. Other colleagues, from Brazil to the Czech Republic, see it the same way. Whether it’s boxing, sailing or dancing, we’re always stronger together.

Teamwork’s not only important to win in flag football, it’s essential, period.

Kurt Boughman, USA

Apart from the flags, the most important piece of equipment in flag football are the cleats. They provide the traction to move where you need to, and should be light enough to enable rapid progress up the field. A “tackle” is removing a flag from the opposing player. As many of our opponents are major athletes, that’s pretty difficult. Quite literally, good equipment allows you to take a big step forward.

Sailing is all about experience,equipment and teamwork. Everyone on board has a job to do.

Cesare Benciolini,Italy

This rope is from my own boat on Lake Garda. That’s where I learned to sail when I was 12. Since then, I’ve sailed the Mediterranean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Great Lakes in North America and also in China and Australia. Sailing is pure pleasure to me, but I also enjoy competitions.

Salsa spreads passion. In my team, everyone helps each other. We complement one another and can achieve so much more this way.

Ruben Carlon, Mexico

My dance costume brings out all sorts of emotions in me. Every time I hit the dance floor, I know that everything rests on a few minutes of passionate expression. It’s not about dancing to perfection but rather about the feelings you release in yourself and others.

In Muay Thai boxing, you can’t be successful without the help of others. Mutual respect is essential.

Bruna Vessio, Brazil

I bought my first boxing gloves secondhand. Back then I wasn’t sure if Muay Thai was right for me. Now I’ve already been using them for two years.

During a race, I share everything with my co-pilot and navigator. We’re both equally responsible for what happens.

Davide Sassetti, Italy

The jacket reminds me of an incredible race in Egypt and all the exciting things I experienced along the way. During the contest, I fell in love with Africa and its deserts. It’s a place that radiates calm serenity. The loveliest thing I saw was the sun setting on the dunes; that will always remain engraved on my mind.

Hiking on a narrow ridge in the fog, keeping an eye on everyone else, allowing for the pace of the slower members of the party – that’s teamwork.

Jan Lastuvka, Czech Republic

The bright orange shirt of a mountain guide means that the leader of a hiking group can be identified quickly by everyone within the team. It shows who sets the direction when there’s disagreement, and who makes the decisions in critical situations. But without a team, the team leader would be superfluous. Without the team, you’re fighting a losing battle.

Runners motivate each other. That way, we can run another kilometer and do it one second faster.

Harry Wang, China

I’ve run over a thousand kilometers in my shoes – which included my first marathon. They’ve covered every meter of my street in Shanghai. My motto is: keep running!

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